As you probably know, Trinity Associates Broadcasting, LLC, WFYL 1180 AM is doing what few if any other radio stations are doing.  We are talking about things that matter and speaking truth on a wide variety of subjects.

No political correctness here.   People are taking note!  We hear from our growing number of listeners on a consistent basis telling us how grateful they are for the type of programming we offer.

With God’s help in the start-up, WFYL has played a significant role in developing, sustaining and/or nurturing to date the many programs listed below.  The station is blessed to have so many talented and creative Christian people who have started such a wide variety of quality, informative shows.

It is worthy of note that we are now hooked to a 2500-radio-station satellite distribution group.  While one of the below programs is being broadcast on 150 and another on 20 stations already,  we want to expand further and

add additional programs to the satellite  network so that eventually a majority of our shows are on satellite across Pennsylvania and the United States.

YOU can be a part of this effort to get the truth out via the airwaves and stream the programs listed below by financially supporting WFYL.  To help defray broadcast costs and continue to speak out on things that matter, please first pray for us and our country—and then contribute!  If you want more programs like the ones listed below to be broadcast and allowed to air, please contribute.

In addition to the satellite expansion of our programming, here are two more of the several great opportunities before us which your support could facilitate:

                 Gary Porter could come again to Valley Forge to present another Constitution seminar.  The one held last                    January at the Valley Forge Conference Center was extremely enlightening for the sixty or so attendees.                      He, Phil Duffy and Pastor David Whitney do an excellent job each week on air of explaining and                                      expounding on our founding document, but it would be wonderful to have another local conference.

                 Phil Valentine, one of the most respected persons of note to offer a rebuttal to the Global Warming

                 crowd,  has volunteered to come to our  area for a WFYL-sponsored event to speak and promote his

                 DVD, “An Inconsistent Truth” if we pay his travel expenses.  Both on his daily program, which airs from

                 3-7 pm, and in this DVD, he makes the case with scientific backup that Global Warming is less than a

                 proven fact.   Global Warming could be a hoax  and could be designed  to  put a carbon tax on the

                 affluent countries like the USA so that the elites can tax countries like the USA (meaning we the

                 taxpayers of the USA) to redistribute money to people around the world.  Note your taxes will go up,

                 and it will set a precedent to justify sending our tax money around the world for other questionable

                 anti-US industry projects.  The Paris Global Warming agreement projected the USA pay other nations

                 a 100-billion dollar carbon tax.  The most recent Global Warming hoax Phil has exposed is that while

                 many island nations in the Pacific want compensation for  rising sea levels, the major study taken over

                 twenty years or so documents 80% of island nations have gained area which discredits the bogus

                 claims for compensation some island people are making.

For both of these events and others under consideration, funds are needed as well as help in organizing, managing, providing security, providing expenses, etc.  

A complete description of all WFYL programs can be accessed by clicking the programs tab at the top of the Home Page.  The following are shows that WFYL has originated:

STAND IN THE GAP SUNDAY—Sunday 11 am to 12 noon.   American Pastors’ Network was our idea and we were perhaps the first radio station to broadcast the pre-recorded program.  Now it is broadcast to about 150 Stations across the USA.  This program has been very successful mainly because God wanted it to be and due to the great teaching of God’s servants at the American Pastors’ Network.

STAND IN THE GAP TODAY–Weekdays 12 to 1 pm with Honorable Sam Rohrer, Dr. Gary Dull, and Rev. David Kistler.  20 stations from PA to NC, TX, OK and NM carry it.   Comparing today’s news to the Bible and the Constitution utilizing the exceptional intellect of these three gentlemen is indeed revealing; and getting this show to more listeners is a worthy project. 

WE THE PEOPLE—THE CONSTITUTION MATTERS--with Gary Porter, Rev. David Whitney, and Professor Phil Duffy.  This program interpreting the Constitution is worthy of support.  While respecting the Bible as our utmost guide, the Constitution is also a gift to us of immense value.

YOUR FAMILY MATTERS with Carla D’Addesi--Friday 8-9 am.   Carla is a gifted writer of  excellent childrens’ books and an exceptional Christian teacher and interviewer.

CITIZENS’ BULLETIN—8-8:30 AM Mondays with Beth Anne Mumford of Americans for Prosperity.  Her reports from Harrisburg on what is going on in Pennsylvania with the Governor, Senate, and House are informative and timely calls to action for Pennsylvanians.

 IT’S A NEW DAY! WEDNESDAYS—7-9 AM with Kathy Barnette, who also hosts her own program THE TRUTH EXCHANGE on Sundays  from 4-5 PM.  Kathy’s bold commentaries and great interviews make for jewels of programming on current events from a Bible perspective.

THE BALANCED LIFE—8-9 AM Saturdays with Ranae Gabel, Christina Divergelelis and Doug Floro provide inspiring and informative interviews with accomplished leaders in our area from all walks of life who are endeavoring to live balanced lives in the midst of very hectic and demanding schedules.

VETERANS’ VOICE—10-11 AM Saturdays with rotating hosts Daniel McCaughn, Beverly Plosa-Bowser, John Rickards, Laura O’Reilly and Kim Kennedy highlight our veterans and those who care for them and share their inspiring stories.

ALL IN with Art Kardos—feature of IT’A NEW DAY!  8-9 am Thursdays.  Art is a godly person of enthusiasm for God.   This uplifting program is worthy of making known to the rest of the nation.

BIBLICALLY SPEAKING with Ken Souder—feature of IT’S A NEW DAY!-- 7-8 AM every other Thursday.  Ken brings Biblical and prayerful perspective to concerns and events impacting our lives.

BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS with Dan McCaughn –a feature of IT’S A NEW DAY!—7-8 AM every other Thursday.  Dan looks to help people who are thinking about starting or growing their business.

THE SCOTT ADAMS SHOW with Scott Adams and Leonoara Cravotta –6-7 AM weekdays.  Timely interviews with exceptional guests provide great insight into current affairs.

KEEP THE FAITH with Faith Philips and George Whitehair—1-1:30 PM Saturdays.  Faith and George bring up-to-date information, experience and expertise to the area of buying and selling a home.

MOMENT WITH THE MASTER and AT HOME WITH BELLA with Bella Victor—Bella’s one-minute inspirational and educational spots are worthy of nationwide distribution.  Bella is an inspiring intellect rarely experienced.

PET CHAT with Jacques Schiller and Christine Egbert—12-1 PM Saturdays--showcases pet service providers and care givers of all kinds of pets.

IT’S A NEW DAY! with Kim Kennedy, Susan Loch, and Alan Loch—7-9 AM Tuesday-Thursday—This program spotlights guest personalities in various walks of life bringing their expertise, stories and commentary to the listeners’ attention.


HISTORIAN WILLIAM FEDERER, whose “World History in One Hour” segment has garnered more response than anything else we’ve aired.   Wouldn’t it be great to have him back on a regular basis?

DR. PAUL KENGOR, professor and lecturer at Grove City College and author of many significant books including his latest, Take Down, who has already been our guest twice.  If you agree to help us, we can put Dr. Kengor on more often--perhaps on satellite.

DR. PAUL CAMERON, author and expert on same-sex behavior.

DR. JIMMY DEYOUNG, noted historian and expert on Biblcal prophecy, who is a regular on the Stand in the Gap Today program.


As you can see, WFYL isn’t the average station.  God has blessed us, but we need your support to go further.  

If we had 1000 people donating $30.00 a month we could expand a majority of our shows to the satellite and buy an available FM Station/Translator, especially if some more affluent supporters came alongside with some more substantial gifts.

Note not only do we need finances to do this but be need people to donate their time so we can recruit other radio stations on the satellite network to carry our programming.

In addition, we need ad sales people to generate funds that way.   The schedule would be flexible.

The way it works is the satellite connected radio stations download our programs at no cost to them from the satellite and then they run about 4 minutes of their ads while we run about 4 minutes of our ads per hour.  We get all the revenue from our ad sales in that hour and then give 20% to our sales people. The satellite people do the same for their ads and their salespersons.


In short, the world’s last remaining Super Power, the USA, cannot be brought down by fighting our armed forces directly, because we would win.  The USA cannot be brought down by challenging our research and development institutions.  The USA can’t be destroyed by challenging American workers, the most productive and inventive work force in the world.  In short, the only way to destroy America is to attack us domestically, to brainwash us by using political correctness to make us immoral and to get God out of the schools, our Armed Forces, etc.   This is what they are doing,   How do you oppose them?  Support WFYL.  With your support we can bring an FM signal into the area with the new FCC regulations.  With your support we can upload to satellite these shows to 20 stations like we do for Stand in the Gap Today.

If you want to join us to help restore America to its former greatness, contribute below so we can bring all our programs to a nationwide audience.

Contact WFYL at  610- 539-1783 Office, 610- 458-1518 FAX. 

Call and we can put your donation on Visa/Master Card or donate online using PayPal.


Please include your name, address and telephone number with your donation.

Mostly, please pray for us.

Alan Loch
Co-General Manager

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