A major news service article says Penna. is the tipping point state.   What that means is whichever way the majority of Pennsylvanians vote will determine the election between Trump and Clinton.
It further says the collar counties of Philadelphia will determine who wins Pennsylvania.  These counties are Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and Bucks Counties.   Right now Clinton is leading Trump  probably powered by her lead among women voters.
So all you within the sound of my voice, in the coverage area of 1180 WFYL, know right now that how you vote is thought by some to be able to determine who is the next President of the United States.
Voters of the Tipping point state, of the collar counties, I have some information that might help you decide which way to vote.   You see I have been following the Clintons for a long time.  Anyone who is for abortion which results in over 50 million babies being killed is capable of doing anything bad.  Thus, after hearing about the individual murders loosely connected to the Clintons, I went to the next level to see whether they were doing anything on a mass scale that was not being reported by the Main Stream biased media.   My investigation confirmed my suspicions and I published the Delaware County Christian Newsletter  in the 90’s and on Veterans Day in 2003 listed the results I am about to discuss.   I documented from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Health Statistics, that the White Female Deaths/White Male Deaths  ratio averaged increasing over 1 percent a year during the Clinton Administration.  Why were more women than men dying during the Clinton years than the Bush years?  The ratio of more women dying than men increased to about a 10 percent rise over the Clinton’s presidency was documented from the official state statistics.   
After reviewing the yearly statistics on  county by county, a pattern emerged.  While the overall Pa. percentage change in deaths rose 3.3 percent over the whole state from 1991 to 1993, individual counties had up to a 21 percent increase in death rate.  Since I had travelled to almost every county in Pa. in my life mostly doing engineering surveys, etc.,  I was familiar with a goodly number of them.   The most conservative, Republican Counties had the greatest increases in  deaths.  Counties where the hunters went to had huge rises like (Potter +21% and Lycoming +12%),  Wayne County where I heard someone say “Put some English into it”  had a +14% rise in deaths, the southern border counties of Pa. that had increases of 2 to 16%.  Of special note is that Pa. was the only state that broke out it vital statistics the way it did in the 90’s to my knowledge.  Also Fort Detrick, near Frederick, MD  where anthrax is made and experimented on is not too far from the Pa. border and investigators could easily drive to their possible test areas just north of the Pa. line.   From official Pa. state data they could further confirm the results of their possible experiments.
If you study politics canvassers are routinely lectured that every vote counts and told of how small changes in the vote totals can win elections.   By my calculations 34,000 to 43,000 Pennsylvanians died in mostly conservative counties.  These mostly women’s deaths can affect a lot of elections.
Let me emphasis these numbers are real people.  The daughter of a Pastor who lived on Morgan Circle in Swarthmore lived in a border county,   and had children and was healthy all her life.  She got sick and weaker and weaker until she died.   I am outraged a Christian mother died in the prime of her life in what probably was a government experiment.
Some people might say that elderly women don’t produce anything and are just a drain on the health care system so the government is justified in reducing their number.   Those are fighting words to this son.  My mother died  before Clinton’s 1996 re-election as did quite a few other conservative people.     She had wisdom that should have benefited  people (including the election results) when her life was possibly cut short.
In short,  preliminary results shown on pages posted on 1180 WFYL web page that after the Clinton’s left office the statistics started correcting themselves.
The lesson to be learned if you haven’t already, the Clinton’s will do almost anything to benefit themselves.   As a voting resident of the collar counties in the tipping point state,  vote like you and your mothers and daughters lives depend on it, because as the above illustrates, your lives probably do!
And yes, don’t expect justice from a failed justice system, or failed FBI or Biased news media.

Alan Arthur Loch                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Co Manager WFYL 1180AM
Working For Your Liberty
And things that matter.
Former LT(USN) Intelligence Officer
USS Daniel Webster (SSBN 626)

PS  The reason for this announcement is one of the pastors whose congregation lives in an area covered by our noon show happened to mention an abnormal number of people in his congregation dying recently.  It is so abnormal, that he can only remember one other time when the number of deaths approached the number in his congregation dying in a short time span.  Note the noon show is loved out there in this conservative area.   His mentioning the deaths in his congregation brought to mind the statistics I gathered from when the Clintons were in power.  It sounds like history is being repeated right before this election.

Note after looking several times for the records they used to have available on line like they did in the 90’s and not finding them, I must conclude the Democrats under Gov. Wolfe, etc. have taken them down.   This makes the large number of people dying in one conservative congregation before an election all the more alarming because it could be happening in other conservative areas.