UPDATE  4-16-21: Around November 2019 we started posting video podcasts on YouTube. There were several reasons we chose to do this including the built-in audience and the ability to have self-updating playlists. We had some idea that these benefits would one day come at a cost. That day has nearly come. Without getting into too much detail, YouTube has a strike system. Just like good ol' baseball, 3 strikes and you're out. 

You get strikes by violating either Community Guidelines or using copyrighted content that you don't own or have permission to use. The guidelines YouTube has set in place are quite vague and change dynamically. Content that was once in compliance may end up in violation a few months later, thus earning the channel a strike. This happened to us twice so far. You can look at the guidelines using the link HERE 

Some guidelines are quite reasonable and others are intentionally vague. Creators can appeal the strike but it is ultimately up to YouTube as Judge, Jury and Executioner to decide if you are in violation or not. 

To avoid further strikes, we have nuked our political programming from the YouTube platform and will no longer offer our audio stream on there either. 

As a result of this, we are shifting our political programming to another platform. The platform which will take over our podcasts is unknown at this time. The final decision will likely consist of multiple platforms which let the podcasts exist simultaneously.  Once the platform(s) is chosen, it will take a while to upload and compile the links on our website. These things take time, so please be patient. 

If you'd like to donate to our station using paypal, you can do so using the "Donate" page found HERE

In case you are curious, I'll list the programs being moved and the ones that will remain on YouTube.

Remaining on YT:

  From Bullets to Broadway

  Radio English

  Optimize Your Career

Moving to new platform:

  The Point

​  The Watchman

  We The People

  Biblically Speaking

  Reshaping America

  Mike G. in the Morning

  Lincoln & American Radio Journals

UPDATE 2As our station continues to grow, there becomes a necessity to do things different than before. The podcast section of our site is no exception. Many of our podcasts have been going up on youtube. This has worked well so far and will give our audience features such as faster speed options and a "watch later" function which allows you to save videos to your own personal playlist for viewing at a more convenient time. 

As a result of using YouTube's platform, we can also use features like embedded playlists to update our site near-simultaneously. This means, the newest content will be presented first and still allows access to previous programs in that series.

If you like our programming be sure to let us know. Send an email to Info@1180wfyl.com or leave a comment on our livestream. 

UPDATE: We apologize that our broadcasting is still experiencing technical difficulties.  However, our streaming is back! Our tech team has been hard at work trying to bring you your favorite shows. After many technical hurdles, it's finally back up and running.

Go on, choose your favorite way to stream.

Direct stream




If you like our programming be sure to let us know. Send an email to Info@1180wfyl.com or leave a comment on our livestream. 

UPDATE  3-27-20: It's been a while but we are back on the traditional air waves! This has been a long and fantastic journey. As you can imagine, moving an entire radio station and rebuilding it is no easy task. 

We are not out of the woods just yet. Our new antenna may be up and running but it is a short-range antenna. Our normal antenna will become active soon and our full range will be restored. If you live nearby or used to get us on your radio, give it a go anyway. You may be within range. The best place to listen is online. 

We still have some technical hurdles to overcome before we can return to full capacity. We are incredibly thankful to our loyal listeners that have continued to check for our signal nearly every day since we went off.

Stay tuned for further updates

UPDATE  2-15-20 There are some items that should be addressed concerning the state of our station, WFYL. 

We have NOT abandoned our post as a station in the King of Prussia/Philadelphia area.  Our station has undergone a major overhaul out of necessity.  The old building of operation was vacated and we moved most of our equipment to a new place.

We were not bought by anyone and have not gone bankrupt.  Our hosts have not left,  the FCC didn't kick us off the air and we are still here. 

When our antenna is up to par and ready to broadcast, the listening area will not change.  If you can listen on your radio, you will be able to hear us again when things are properly working. 

Our livestream is available to anyone willing to listen with internet access around the world.  Podcasts are available, too, if you miss your favorite shows or would like to listen at a more convenient time.

We hope to have the antenna transmission restored and be broadcasting over the air within a few days. 

If you would like to be notified when our over-the-air transmission is restored, give us a call at 610-539-8255, let us take down your phone number and we will give you a call when it's all working again.

NOTICE:  There may be streaming and broadcast interruptions and schedule delays this week due to maintenance. Please be patient and bear with us.

Our stream has been temporarily switched to YouTube. 

Just like with everything in life, there are pros and cons to this.

You can go back to any point in the broadcast and even previous broadcasts

One downside is: there is a limit to how long a stream can last. If our stream is not working, it may be that we had to restart the process, so check back in about a minute or two.

If your favorite show is on and you become busy, you can PAUSE the stream and return to it at a later time. 

If you like our new method of streaming, be sure to let us know. Send an email to Info@1180wfyl.com or leave a comment on our livestream. Our normal streaming will be up soon and we will update the Tune-In link as soon as we can.