Optimize Your Career 4-6-19

Not Being Called Back After an Interview

Optimize Your Career 11-3-18

Secondary Sources of Income PART I

 Optimize Your Career 8-3-19

Advanced Networking and the IT Job Market

with Special Guest: Greg Plum

Optimize Your Career 9-1-18

​The World of Internal Recruiters

 Optimize Your Career 12-21-19​

Cold Calling - Lisa E. Platt

 Optimize Your Career 1-2-21​

13 Success Tactics

 Optimize Your Career 1-4-20​

Career Resolutions for 2020

Optimize Your Career 11-17-18

Secondary Sources of Income PART II

Optimize Your Career 12-8-18

Secondary Sources of Income PART III

 Optimize Your Career 4-4-20​

Optimizing During an Emergency

Part II

 Optimize Your Career 3-7-20​

Career Spotlight: Judy Miller

Optimize Your Career 3-2-19

Behavior Based Interviewing

 Optimize Your Career 8-1-20​

What is Networking?

 Optimize Your Career 6-20-20

Common Mistakes Recruiters Make

Optimize Your Career  6-23-18

Introduction: Optimizing Your Career

Optimize Your Career 7-6-19

Image Consultant, Eileen Kevany

Optimize Your Career 6-15-19


Special Guest: Robin Bond

 Optimize Your Career 9-5-20

Difficult Interview Questions

 Optimize Your Career 10-17-20​

How to Find a Hiring Manager

Optimize Your Career 1-19-19

Are You Under-Employed?

 Optimize Your Career 12-19-20

Career Spotlight: Scott Klein

Optimize Your Career 2-2-19

Volunteering and Your Resume

 Optimize Your Career 10-5-19​

Do's & Don'ts - Why I Wrote the Book

 Optimize Your Career 9-19-20​

Career Spotlight: Lois Hoffman

 Optimize Your Career 9-7-19

Why & How to build a Consulting Practice

 Optimize Your Career 2-1-20​

​The Hidden Job Market

Optimize Your Career 6-1-19

Applicant Tracking System

Special Guest: Lynne Williams

Optimize Your Career 5-4-19

Is There a Smoke Detector for Your Career?

Optimize Your Career  7-21-18

Your Personality and Interviewing

Optimize Your Career  7-7-18

The Biggest Mistakes Made on Resumes

Guest: Richard Buckingham (former WL Gore Leader)

 Optimize Your Career 3-21-20​

Optimizing During an Emergency

Part I

 Optimize Your Career 8-15-20​

Career Spotlight: Sacha Connor

Optimize Your Career


​Ed Samuel

Optimize Your Career 10-6-18

References - The Do's and Don't's

 Optimize Your Career 12-5-20​

Career Recovery From A Big Mistake

 Optimize Your Career 11-21-20​

Career Spotlight: Eddie Dunn

 Optimize Your Career 1-18-20​

Career Spotlight: Julie Kovaleski

 Optimize Your Career 6-13-20​

Career Spotlight: Faizun Kamal

Optimize Your Career 8-11-18

The Importance of Building Formal Networks

Guest: Angel Peluso, President of CPENG

 Optimize Your Career 7-4-20​

Career Spotlight: Stanley H. Greene