"I am not sure if I ever thanked you for all your help with advertising on WFYL. It was a super experience. We were so pleased with the quality and the clarity, in the wording as well as the soft Christmas background music. 

The gentleman that you chose to speak for us had the perfect voice for our commercial. We had customers come and tell us that they heard us on WFYL, which proves advertising works. We are Blessed. Thanks again and we'll look forward to working with you in the future.


Chistine Varner

Coventry Christian School

"I am so pleased that WFYL is a growing part of our community, serving as a voice of reason and a defender of and proponent for all that has made and will make America a great nation.  There simply are not enough competing voices and ideas in the media, and we are proud to partner with WFYL in working for your liberty and things that truly matter.  Advertising on WFYL has served us well and opened doors of opportunity for expanding our mission in classical Christian education, and the good people at the station have been so kind to help us network as well.  I hope you will faithfully tune in to WFYL, share this station with others, and consider how a partnership with your organization or business could strengthen our community and build a stronger America."

Paul Fisher, Headmaster

Coventry Christian School

Pottstown, PA

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Millions of people here and around the world listen to talk radio each day, because talk radio provides an excellent forum for communicating facts, issues, ideas, viewpoints and opinions. Let your ad be heard.

Make your investment stand out.

We can produce it here. If you like what you hear and you’re a business in our listening area,​ become a WFYL advertiser or sponsor. 

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